DO YOU HAVE $6.00?


If you are a talented comic who is tired of playing clubs or venues where you are lucky to get a 5-minute set; forced to play to audiences who are chatting away while you try to perform;  or waiting for hours to do your set, the program above might be the answer for you!

For 30 years now, The Orange County Crazies has groomed those in comedy—improv, sketch and stand-up—and has just announced its 2020 program to give comics what the Crazies think he or she wants and needs. 

If chosen, here are the benefits of being part of the program for only $6 bucks a show, if you do your part:

  • Guaranteed longer sets, an attentive audience, a performance well before his or her bedtime (shows are at 7:30 p.m.).
  • A chance to qualify as an “OC Crazies Resident Stand-up Performer.” (Your name and headshot will be displayed at the theater; in playbills; regular press releases; on the Crazies website and more.
  • Exposure before L.A. notables—there will be industry professionals who are going to serve as judges during stand-up competition nights (see schedule below)
  • Exposure on The Crazies new YouTube channel
  • Opportunities for networking by meeting other comics who are serious about moving their careers ahead
  • Special tuition rates for those taking stand-up comedy classes in writing and performing.
  • A chance to become a “cast member”  on the OC Crazies new Webcast series “Killing It: Crazies for Comedy Insight series (each show will have a burgeoning comic mentoring the “cast members” as they discuss their writing and performing techniques
  • Access (for a fee) to an award-winning camera crew to shoot your segment or hour-long show and a list of editors (for a fee) who can cut your show to make it look like an HB0 special
  • Prominent local dignitaries and household name OC’s who will emcee and tell others about you!

Get booked at the trendy and chic De Pietro Performance Center on Main Street in Santa Ana for one of its shows on the last Saturday of the month. Those comics who are accepted into the program can request any amount of time—from a 10-minute set to an hour!! And, it won’t cost you more than six bucks if you are dedicated and willing to do your part! Read more)


  • Must audition or send audition tape
  • Must provide payment for allotted tickets two weeks prior to event
  • Must show up on time
  • Must provide headshot and short bio
  • Must be clean and sober on stage
  • Must present material that is not scatological, racist or that demeans the audience
  • Must sign an agreement for whatever you sign up for (40 tickets, 10 tickets, etc.)

Sell only 40 tickets for $15 and you will have the theater all to yourself for an entire hour. Invite friends, colleagues, family and industry types. That cost goes down incrementally if we add comics during your Saturday and each does less on-stage time. For instance, if you are booked for a “Last Saturday Night” show with 3 other comics, each of you will be responsible for selling 10 tickets at $15.

The Crazies has already booked April 25, 2020 for Charlie Twichell, a frequent Crazies stand-up comic. He’s hilarious.

Here are other dates and the themes:

May 30th: Featuring 4 comics offering their best; each gets a 20-minute segment. Pointers from a panel of 3 experts connected to comedy on the heels of each performance.

June 27th: Offer open to two comics to share the evening.

July 25th: Featuring 4 comics offering their best; each gets a 20-minute segment.  Industry judges on hand to critique and award the top prize.

August 29th: Another one-person show. One warm up performer.

September 26th: “Car Crash of Stand-up Comedy.” This show features the worst stand-up comics we can find—both performance and material. (This was once an Orange County Crazies event and they are now reviving it).

October 24th: Six comics share the stage. Guest host introduces all of them and finishes the show with his or her own set.

November 21st: All women comics. Male guest host also does a short set as well as introduces the comics

December 19th: One comic. One warm up. One guest host.