Sketch Comedy Writing

Orange County Crazies presents:

Introduction to Sketch Comedy Writing

Join Cherie Kerr, award-winning film director and sketch comedy writer, and a small group of up to four people, over an all-day session where you will master the easy-to-learn eight-step “fast and funny formula” for writing solid comedy sketches. 

Lessons culled from Kerr’s book: “Build To Laugh: How to Write Sketch Comedy with the Fast and Funny Formula,” will come to life during this class, where students discover the various reasons/categories of what makes people laugh and how to tap into one’s comedic “brand.” Students will also learn how to harness their comedic voice and write to their satirical points of view. This class is held at the OC Crazies theater, the De Pietro Performance Center. 

Lessons enable students to build a sketch from scratch to the big finish! And, should each writer wish to stage a show featuring their sketches, that opportunity is also offered.

Class Details

Sketch Comedy Writing: TBA
Tuition: $475


Please fill in the application above and submit to, then make payment below.

Payment: Checks (preferred) and all major credit cards are accepted. Please write checks out to ‘OC Crazies‘ and mail to:

OC Crazies
De Pietro Performance Center

809 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701