Improv Classes


Course Descriptions:

In our ongoing improvisational comedy classes, students learn the fundamentals of theater including: stage skills, stage movement, and the tenets of improvisational comedy–rules and tools. Whether you are a first-time improviser or one who has studied before and eager to step up your improv game, the OC Crazies has a class for you!  Each of our All Improv classes run from 6-8 weeks and enrollment is limited to 10 students. Classes are fun and highly interactive!  All classes culminate in a lively showcase performance. Check our Home page for current dates since we are holding classes online presently.

Course Levels:

Beginner All Improv: Learn how to think fast on your feet, interact with other improv players on stage, and gain insight into the rules and the tools of improv comedy. Gain an understanding of how and why all improv comedy situations can and should “work.”
Intermediate All Improv: Focus on this class is reserved for scene work. What constitutes a scene, how to make it progress, and how to find viable scene endings. This class drills down into all the different elements and components that can breathe life into a scene–one that tells an entire story–even in a few minutes!
Advanced All Improv:  These courses offer more complex drills and scene study techniques,  as well as how to be more collaborative players; how to perform under extreme pressure ; how to include audience members in improv scenes and improv set ups that accommodate audience suggestions, no matter how complicated they may be.
All Level Improv: The Crazies’ All Level Improv classes invite students of all improv experience and background to come together to study. Class lesson plans are prepared according to who enrolls in each of these eight-week sessions;. It’s a blend! It’s a blast! Student showcase performance included.
Improv Binge: All improv “marathon” courses are offered in intensive one-to-two-day, all-day workshops on the weekends (check our schedule). All levels eligible. Click here for more info.
All-Day All Improv Jam: Another fun-filled, all-day improv class: Cherie Kerr will structure a class based on students’ requests. Whatever it is you want to work on in the wide, wide world of improv, tell us and that will be the day’s improv fare. Once students enroll (and let Cherie know what it is they are most interested in studying), she will put together a lesson plan that will constitute one all-day improv comedy jam. Note: This course is limited to intermediate-level improv students and will require a prescreening process.
Want to work on emotions? Space work? Scenes? Name it and we’ll include it! Sign up soon – space is limited!

Course Info & Enrollment
1) All Level Improv
Begins: January 5 & 7th, 2021
Duration: Every Tuesday and Wednesday for 6 sessions, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Class size limited. This class rounds out the series on the 7th session with a graduation showcase.
Enrollment: Complete application below and submit via mail or email, along with payment to reserve spot. Applications can be emailed to
Payment: Checks (preferred) and all major credit cards are accepted. Please write checks out to ‘OC Crazies‘ and mail to:
809 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
To pay by credit card, please call 714-550-9890. Bank service charge applied to all tuitions.

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Character Development Class: a course that provides eye-opening lessons to help sketch and improv students/players conceive, create and develop original characters through a series of systematic, yet interactive exercises in a classroom setting. This class may also be taken solo, on a private-coaching basis via Skype and/or Facetime. Click here for more info.
Sketch Writing Class: students learn how to write solid sketches through a “fast and funny formula,” either in a classroom setting (no more than 6 students) or via two online options by email or Skype/Facetime. On-site training offers 16 hours of instruction; online up to 20. At the conclusion of the course, students are invited to showcase their sketches by casting parts to present a show on the Crazies stage. Whether you take the class on-site or fly in from across the country, you can partake in a live showcase of your very own sketches, whether you appear in them yourself or cast others.