Stand-Up Classes

Course Description:

Whether you have a pet peeve or an absurd story to tell, the OC Crazies can help you fashion that information into a funny bit. The Crazies welcomes first-timers to its stand-up classes–those who have always had a passion for trying this comedic art form, but were too shy to try it. We also welcome those who have been performing their routines for some time, but who need new material and a stronger delivery style. Sessions are three hours once a week for 6 weeks. We finish off the series with a stand-up show before a live audience of friends and family.


  • How to find your comedic “voice.”
  • How to identify what makes humor humorous.
  • How to learn from the well-known, seasoned pros.
  • How to write solid and unique material.
  • How to select your style and brand.
  • How to deliver each set with confidence and punch.

We take only 4-6 students in our classes in order for each student to get maximum stage time as they learn. Our stand-up comedy classes focus on delivery and content, while the sketch comedy classes zero in on an eight-step fast and funny formula for writing sound material.

Course Info & Enrollment

Standup Comedy Class: Check on the Home Page or Class Schedule for upcoming classes & shows!



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Stand-Up Payment

Payment: Checks (preferred) and all major credit cards are accepted. Please write checks out to ‘OC Crazies‘ and mail to:

OC Crazies
De Pietro Performance Center

809 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701