Character Development Classes

“Who’s There?”

A Course for the Sketch and Improv Comedy Player
to learn How to Conceive, Create and Develop Original Characters

Offered on-site or online!

Course Description:

“Who’s There?” is a highly personalized course that provides eye-opening lessons to help sketch and improv students/players conceive, create and develop original characters through a series of systematic, yet interactive exercises.
Students have the option of taking an on-site class or on a private coaching basis online via Skype or Facetime.
Option 1: Onsite at the OC Crazies theater for 8 consecutive weeks for two hours nightly.
The onsite course accepts only 6 students per class and the learning process includes the following:
  • How to conceive an original character through self-exploration and imagination
  • How to define each character
  • How to begin to build and layer characteristics that build a character(s)
  • How to “live” each character
  • How to write monologues or sketches for your characters.
  • How to flesh out a character(s) to the most finite detail
  • An on-stage performance to showcase a character(s) before a live audience
Option 2: Online via Skype or Facetime
The online learning process includes the following:
  • An initial assessment that allows the instructor to get to know each student
  • Each lesson includes a writing and/or videotaped assignment that will be submitted electronically.Each assignment will receive customized feedback. Students may engage the instructor with follow-up questions to gain a full understanding of the critiques.
  • Students who satisfactorily complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Optional: Students may bring their characters on stage to the De Pietro Performance Center in Santa Ana, California, where they will have the opportunity to “present” them in a showcase performance.
Interactive, you say, online? All assignments will be personally critiqued to help students better define and refine their characters, through writing tasks and private video postings that demonstrate characters “in action.”  By receiving personalized feedback every step of the way, each student will feel as though he/she is the only student being mentored by a private coach through this highly collaborative exchange. In the end, the student will learn to build his/her characters from the inside out!
Over the course of 16 intensive lessons that must be completed within a six-month period, students will be given the opportunity to create and develop four distinct characters.  At the completion of each semester, students will have the option to bring their characters to the De Pietro Performance Center in Santa Ana, California, where they will have the opportunity to “present” them in a showcase.

This course is taught by Cherie Kerr, a founding member of the L.A. Groundlings (Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Will Farrell, Lisa Kudrow, Chris Kattan, Cheryl Hines, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Wiig and many, many others). Kerr also is the mother of Drake Doremus (winner of the 2011 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for “Like Crazy”). Kerr taught and directed Doremus (from the age of six to 19 years of age) and many others, on the art of developing original characters. Her book, “Who’s There?” is used by many at The Second City in Chicago and also by members of the L.A. Groundlings and her troupe, the Orange County Crazies. She has been a writer/performer/director for more than 38 years. Kerr also starred in her own one-woman show, Out of Her Mind,which featured a number of original characters.

Course Info & Enrollment:
Two options:
1. Onsite class:
Begins: TBA
Duration: once per week for 8 consecutive weeks; 2 hours nightly
2. Online (via Skype of Facetime):
Begins: TBA *Call 714-550-9890*
Duration: to be completed within 6 months


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