All Improv Binge

Course Description

This crazy Crazies’ class is just that: Nearly two days (16 hours) of all improv. Gorge yourself on bits and pieces–insanity and mania–games and scenes! The good thing about this class is that it is calorie-free with no urge to purge. You’ll want to savor every little improv tidbit! You will be licking your chops long after you consume this treat!

Course Info & Enrollment

Date: TBA

Enrollment: Complete the application below and submit via mail or email, along with payment to reserve spot. Applications can be emailed to


Payment: Checks (preferred) and all major credit cards are accepted. Please write checks out to ‘OC Crazies‘ and mail to:

809 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

To pay by credit card, please call 714-550-9890. Bank service charge applied to all tuitions.

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