Training Facility

The DePietro Performance Center also serves as a prime location for many corporate needs. Whether it’s a dress rehearsal for that upcoming trade show; a classroom space for seminars, a presentation before that important client, or a company awards ceremony or get together, the theater is the perfect multi-purpose facility. The small “Backstage” area serves as a great workout space for everything from a small group rehearsal to a one-on-one consulting session on how to put the appropriate speech content together. In addition to a variety of ExecuProv workshops, many companies and ExecuProv clients rent the facility for the following purposes.


  • Rehearsals

  • Classes

  • Training seminars

  • Ongoing workshops

  • Sales Meetings Lectures and forums

  • Conferences

Special Events:

  • Private parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Stockholder Meetings

  • Formal presentations

  • Company performances

The DePietro Performance Center, with its two theater spaces, is the perfect venue for corporate training. ExecuProv, a company that trains business professionals in presentation and communication skills, uses the Performance Center as its primary training facility. Other companies and corporations are invited to take advantage of the two theater spaces and private-videotaping room, as well, for training, rehearsals, company shows and performances, private parties, and award presentations.

The “Backstage” theater facility is often used by the business community for more informal corporate needs, such as run-through rehearsals and small workshops.

The main stage at the DePietro Performance Center offers a brightly lit atmosphere for seminars and workshops or a subdued theatrical venue much like a corporate executive might experience during a “lights-out” speech or presentation. A five-foot projection screen descends readily from a hidden valance offering easy-to-view PowerPoint visuals and slides. Two large screen televisions are inset, stage left and right, to provide video support for events that require video and DVD needs. An oak lectern, chairs, a mock-dais and other amenities are also available when the theater doubles as a work-space, in order to simulate the arena often used during more formal speeches and presentations. Full lighting capability including a lighting design of sixteen separate patterns, dimmers, and a follow-spotlight are offered in addition to sound capabilities with VHS, DVD and CD players, state of the art microphones and strategically placed speaker systems. A highly professional production crew, video and audio experts, TelePrompter operators, and others are available upon request. The front-office staff can arrange for all needed crew and for food and beverage catering as well. All of these features make the DePietro Performance Center an ideal venue for full-blown company dress rehearsals or for actual corporate presentations, seminars, company performances, fundraisers, stockholder meetings and award programs.

The highly-private videotaping room is equipped with camera and video monitor, and a comfortable desk arrangement, to assure those who come to the Center for private coaching needs, an appropriately secluded environment.

The Center also offers executives a large conference room on an as-needed basis for private meetings, and small, less formal presentations.

The DePietro Performance Center, the Backstage work space, and the other related spaces at the training facility may be rented for weekday and weeknight purposes, and also reserved for special occasion needs on weekends, as well.