Class Schedule

One-Day Improv Comedy Classes Through December 2019:

  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8th: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. — Intro to Intermediate Improv. Games, drills and the beginning of improv scene workout.
  • SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28: Finding the Punchline. Learn how to build a set that builds to hard-hitting finish.
  • SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 2020: STAND UP/STAND OUT, Learn what sets you apart from the other comics? Join us from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. when we will help you discover your stand up comedy “brand” – in terms of your delivery, your material, and, your style! Standing out takes awareness, creativity, and a thoughtful probe. Join us for this unusual stand up comedy class. Class size is limited to 4-6 students.

6-week Crazies’ courses:

  • INTRO TO STAND-UP COMEDY: Yep, the Crazies believe that everyone is funny in his/her own way. In our introductory Stand-Up Class, students learn to explore their joke and storytelling abilities; they learn to write solid and hard-hitting material; gain skill and technique in delivering their material. Our next 6-week session starts Tuesday and Thursday, January 7 and January 9, 2020; and continues until January 23. The class stages a graduation show before a live audience on a weekend night shortly thereafter.  
  • ALL IMPROV COMEDY COURSE: Starts Tuesday and Thursday, January 28 and 30: From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. We take only 6-8 students and the 6 night course culminates in a weekend show night, public performance for a 7th night. This class usually fills up quickly so sign up soon.
  • LITTLE CRAZIES WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE PROGRAM:The Orange County Crazies has cast its members for the “Little Crazies” program which teaches youngsters the basics of improv over a 6-month period and allows them the opportunity to perform twice before a live audience to demonstrate what they have learned. This session is for children 10-13 years of age. Shows are: December 14 and March 28- 2 p.m. matinee. Contact us for the next “Little Crazies” workshop series for teens.

Class size is limited to 6 students and those interested must audition (unless candidates have done prior OC Crazies “Little Crazies” programs/performances).  Please contact for more information or call 714 550-9890.

FOR TICKETS TO ALL SHOWS EMAIL: with your ticket request and processing. Tickets are $10.



Check the home page for dates and times of classes for the next two months. The following are the list of the different classes offered by the Orange County Crazies on an ongoing basis:

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced improv comedy classes
  • How to conceive, create and develop original characters
  • Standup comedy
  • Making a scene, improvisationally
  • How to write sketch comedy
  • How to write standup comedy
  • Children’s improv classes
  • Mood Madness (play with moods all day)
  • Spacework
  • F@#k the Funny: Don’t try; just be
  • Private Coaching

All Classes are kept to a minimum (between 4-8 students) to ensure a highly-personalized learning experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information.